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Married to Andy for 30 years, Paige Rittenhouse is the mom of six boys and one girl. She is a graduate of Tennessee Tech University and has a degree in Industrial Engineering. Paige worked at Lawrence Livermore Lab in CA and at the Oak Ridge National Lab in Oak Ridge. She and her husband have started a nonprofit Vital Families and are involved in Lenoir City sports at many levels. Paige loves meeting new people and, as a homemaker herself, is passionate about putting her new friends in the right home.

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The entire team at United Real Estate has contributed to the most amazing home purchase process a person could expect. They are simply a dynamic group of people with extensive interpersonal skills in addition to expertise in every facet of the business. Thanks team!

- Susan Red

Great Experience & Good people! I Highly Recommend!

- Hauloffs Kassie Morales

LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! As a seller, a buyer, and an agent of United Real Estate, this is the BEST brokerage you can choose.

- J Wilson Plath

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